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State Operations

The State Operations Department coordinates and provides Human Resources, Budget/Finance, Procurement, Information Technology, and State Property Book support to the SC Military Department’s State employees. The Department manages the Cooperative Agreements in support of the SC Army and Air National Guards. The Department is also responsible for the oversight and management of the McCrady and Clark’s Hill Billeting Offices. The Department coordinates with SC Emergency Management Division, SC Youth Challenge/Job Challenge Programs, STARBASE Swamp Fox, SC Military Museum, SC State Guard, Cooperative Agreements Program Managers, and the USPFO to ensure situational awareness, support and coordination.  The Department is responsible for coordinating the Agency’s efforts in support of SC National Guard Service Members conducting State Active Duty (SAD) operations.


South Carolina Emergency Management Division

The South Carolina Emergency Management Division (SCEMD) is the state-funded coordinating agency responsible for the statewide emergency management program. SCEMD’s mission is to develop, coordinate, and lead the state emergency management program, enabling effective preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies and disasters in order to save lives, reduce human suffering and minimize property loss. SCEMD is the lead State coordinating agency during the natural disasters and State emergencies.


South Carolina Youth ChalleNGe Academy

The SC Youth ChalleNGe Academy program is a part of a nationwide, National Guard Bureau-funded program to provide a wealth of educational enrichment offered by the staff and facilities with the commitment to serving SC’s at-risk youth. The Academy conducts two, five-month long classer per year designed to help youth acquire the basic skills and education necessary to succeed in life. The eight core components studied during the residential phase: Academic Excellence, Life-Coping Skills, Job Skills, Health and Hygiene, Responsible Citizenship, Service to Community, Leadership/Followership, and Physical Fitness. Youth ChalleNGe cadets have the opportunity to work toward earning their General Equivalency Diploma or GED.  Select graduates of the Youth ChalleNGe Program have the opportunity for additional training in the Job ChalleNGe Program.


South Carolina Job ChalleNGe

The SC Job ChalleNGe Program is part of the nationwide, National Guard Bureau-funded Youth ChalleNGe Program which is focused on providing Professions, Occupations, Specialties, and Trades (POST) training for SC’s at-risk youth.  It is a five-month residential program providing vocational experience to select graduates of the SC Youth ChalleNGe Program.  Cadets live at the SC National Guard’s McCrady Training Center and attend classes at Midlands Technical College.  The Program focuses on expanding occupational skills, providing career and academic counseling, internship environments, leadership development, and employer engagement.  Cadets who complete the program may earn trade certificates in areas such as welding, production, telecom and computer installation, and patient care.



STARBASE Swamp Fox is a part of a national Department of Defense-funded educational program focused on elementary students, primarily 5th graders. The goal is to motivate the students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as they continue their education.  The program engages students through the inquiry-based curriculum with its "hands-on, mind-on" experiential activities, and works with school districts to support their standards of learning objectives.  STARBASE Swamp Fox annually conducts over 45 classes for more than 1,100 SC students.


South Carolina Military Museum

The SC Military Museum is the only military museum in the State chartered by State law.  The Museum is the only museum in the State that covers SC’s complete military history from 1670, when the colony of Carolina was founded, to present day military operations to include Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait.  The Museum is federally recognized by the National Guard Bureau, and is the 2nd oldest and 4th largest National Guard museum in the country. The Museum contains artifacts of SC’s military history valued at over $5 Million.



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